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Is tailgating dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you’re in a hurry in Florida, you might be tempted to tailgate the vehicle in front of you. This may seem like a harmless way to send a message that other drivers need to get out of your way. However, tailgating can have serious consequences for both you and the other drivers on the road.

Why is tailgating dangerous?

If someone stops in front of you while you’re on the highway, you only have seconds to get out of the way and avoid getting into a car accident. When you’ve allowed enough space between you and the other driver, you’ll have enough time to hit the brakes or pull over to the side of the road. But if you’re only a few feet away from the other car, hitting the brakes might cause you to slam into the back of their vehicle.

The situation becomes even more dangerous in bad weather conditions. If the road is slick, you could skid across the highway and hit the driver in front of you. It might seem safe to assume that no one is going to stop on the highway, but you don’t know what could happen. An animal or a pedestrian could dart across the road, or a car’s engine could die while on the highway. If you’re driving too closely to another vehicle, you’re putting yourself and the other driver at risk.

For this reason, it’s important to maintain a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road, even if you’re in a hurry. You should add even more distance if you’re driving in poor weather conditions. If the vehicle is going below the speed limit, find a way to pass it instead of tailgating the vehicle.

What if you’re the one being tailgated?

You could be the most responsible driver on the road, but you can’t prevent other people from tailgating.  Do your best to aware of the other vehicles around you so you can try to avoid being in an accident.  If you do end up in a rear-end vehicle accident and have resulting physical pain, be certain to seek medical attention immediately.  An attorney can assist you with any resulting accident claim.