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Radiological errors could cause permanent injury and death

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Radiological errors are surprisingly common in Florida and around the country. This is because radiologists principally rely on their perception to tell if something is wrong with you or not, and thus if they miss something important, you can end up with a permanent injury or might even die. If you have ever been a victim of a misdiagnosis or other radiological-related errors, here is what you should know.

Why do these errors occur?

Sometimes, when a radiologist receives many patients in a day, they are likely to face burnouts, fatigue, or stress from the long hours of work, which will lead to mistakes or misdiagnosis. There are also instances where the radiologist is too focused on one thing they aim to find, tuning out all the other anomalies that could affect you. Also, when they realize that they have made an error, they may want to diagnose you again, subjecting you to further radiation exposure.

If they use the misdiagnosed results for further medical treatment, you can develop more severe injuries or even death. In short, any mistake, no matter how small, is consequential.

Other causes of errors that can cause you harm include using faulty machines, understaffing, unqualified staff, using someone else’s results to treat you, and many more. You should be very wary of this type of medical malpractice as it directly impacts your life.

How the law can help

Medical malpractice is any form of injury caused by the negligence of a medical practitioner; it could be new or aggravated. Needless to say, you deserve compensation for the harm, economic losses, and any other damages caused by radiological errors. But first, you must provide proof, and this is where an attorney could help.

An attorney will conduct an investigation and gather all the evidence you need to prove that radiological error caused your injury or you developed a new one because of it. Of course, expect some resistance from that medical institution, and the insurance company may look for ways to deny your claim. But with some help, you can get the compensation you deserve.