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Watch out for drunk drivers in Miami-Dade this holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The holiday season is here. Besides being a time for family gatherings, religious traditions and friendly get-togethers in South Florida, it’s also a time when drunk driving is more of a problem than ever.

Workplace holiday parties, family dinners, college bowl games, catching up with old friends — for too many people, these are all dangerous pitfalls for drinking and driving. But when they get on the road, many of these impaired drivers will lose control, cause terrible wrecks and ruin lives. Unfortunately, innocent people will likely get seriously injured or killed at the hands of drunk drivers this holiday season. Drinking and driving increases the risk of accidents due to impaired motor skills, less concentration, slow reaction times, decreased vision and poor judgment. These side effects put the driver, potential passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians at risk.

‘Out in force’ searching for impaired motorists in Miami

Drunk driving is a major safety problem in Florida all year long, but especially so around the holidays. In December 2021, the Florida Highway Patrol claimed that nearly 1,000 car accidents occurred because a driver was intoxicated by alcohol, drugs or both. FHP said they would “be out in force heavy” looking for drunk drivers. Despite their best efforts, it would be nearly impossible for them to stop every driver before they cause auto wrecks.

Drunk driving is always dangerous

Drunk driving is never acceptable, no matter what time of year it is. Deciding to drive a vehicle after drinking is reckless. It disregards the safety and property of everyone else on the road, pedestrians, potential passengers and the driver. The smartest thing any driver can do after drinking is to call a rideshare vehicle or a taxi cab. An Uber or Lyft is just a few clicks away on your smartphone and a taxi cab is just a phone call away. The nominal cost of a ride home pales in comparison to the possibility of seriously injuring or killing other people, not to mention the risk and cost of a DUI.

Getting into a wreck with a drunk driver can do more than ruin your holidays. You could sustain a lifelong disability or lose a loved one because of the drunk driver’s terrible choices. When that happens, victims have the right to seek compensation from the drunk driver and his or her insurance company.